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What Type Of Software Are Recruiting Companies Using In 2018

What Type Of Software Are Recruiting Companies Using In 2018

It is possible to search for jobs using only your mobile phone and your preferred typing finger, but there are plenty of reasons that financial headhunters are worth the investment.  Real human beings can help you find the right job in many ways that computers and apps cannot.  Of course, computers and the Internet have made their way into almost every industry.  Once you find a local recruiter near me, you can be sure that the agency has its favorite software applications.  Here are some of the most popular software apps that job recruitment agencies are using these days:


PCRecruiter is a web-based software app.  Its original purpose was for use by human resources departments within a big company, but it is also useful for staffing agencies.  The software makes it easy to view job candidates’ resumes from almost any type of device.  It is very good at avoiding formatting and compatibility errors when prospective employees send their resumes from one type of device and recruiters try to open it on another.

Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting Software

This software’s target audience is smaller and more specialized staffing agencies.  Therefore, you might find it at a recruitment agency that only deals with one metropolitan area, or that works only with the finance industry.  It is cloud-based and offers email integration and social media integration.

Crelate Talent

Crelate Talent makes it easy for recruiters to keep track of an applicant’s job seeking history.  Recruiters can easily find all their notes from previous meetings with you.  You can easily access Crelate from mobile phones and tablets.

With today’s software, recruitment agencies can easily keep track of all the information you give them.  The preferred recruitment apps can make your job search much more streamlined.


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