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What You Need to Know Before Getting an Air Pistol.

What You Need to Know Before Getting an Air Pistol.

Whether you are getting it for a decoration, hunting, hobbyist or collector, there are a few things you need to know before going out and buying your own Walther Air Pistols.

Simple Laws & Regulations.

Any person under the age of 14 MUST be supervised by an adult over 21.
Anyone above 14 can shoot unsupervised, and on private land (where shooting permission has been given).

You CAN NOT shoot an airgun within 15meters from any public highway, street or path. You are NOT allowed to shoot within public grounds without strict permission to do so.

You DO NOT need any licence to be in possession or handle an airgun unless it is a or more, air rifle. Any air pistols over are prohibited.

During transportation they MUST be in securely fastened cases which disable the gun from being shot while within the case. Personnel aged 14 to 18 cannot transport any fire arms without being in supervision of an adult 21 or over. Transporting guns in public places, loaded or not, is illegal.

Risks and Health Factors.

GunsMUST BE stored in an occupied place (not shed or outhouse), locked up in a sealed case which disables the gun from use. It must NOT contain ammunition when stored, and ammo must be stored separately. It must be out of reach from children (preferably attached with a safety cord/latch to prevent falling or pulling).

During a session the gun must NEVER be left unattended, and if you have to leave it, even for a few minutes, unload and place in a safe place, with ammo away from the gun.

ALWAYS treat the gun as if it is loaded at all times.

ALWAYS check your surroundings before firing/setting up.
ALWAYS follow the laws in place.

Types of Ammunition.

Pellet – Non spherical ammo. Designed to be drag-stabilized. Usually made from tin or steel-tipped plastic. Designed to travel at subsonic speeds.

BB – Usually made of steel with a copper or zinc plating. Used for indoor practise and training children (such as ages 14 to 18). These do not have enough spin-stabilization for long distance accuracy.

Darts & Arrows – Are able to be reused multiple times (saving costs). They are not designed for air guns with rifled bores or any spring-powered gun.

Stay safe while handling these guns. They can cause a lot of damage (not necessarily death) but extreme bruising, scarring, holes or even blindness. Darts/Arrows have a pointed tip that can pierce the skin. BB and Pellet cannot exactly pierce the skin but have a higher force and cause major damage.

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