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What your PR company should be offering you

What your PR company should be offering you

Public Relations is an industry that has been around for a very long time, but it is one that in recent times has lost some relevance and which has suffered from budget cuts. The real question though is if this is justified. Public relations have, for years, been a cornerstone of the corporate budget, and while it is true that the media landscape has changed significantly there is surely still a place for good PR. The real question is, what should you be expecting from your public relations company? Here are a few key places where you should find real value outside of the usual job of press releases and getting articles placed in the newspapers.

Be properly presentable

One of the biggest skills that any person with a public profile needs to learn is how to deal with the media. To a lucky few people it might be something that comes naturally, but to most the press is not something that is easy to face. A good PR out should, as part of their standard offering, offer to all senior company executives media training Sydney has a very strong press corps and being able to handle yourself in front of them is critical for personal and corporate success. The training is about how to talk, where to look, what to say and what not to say. How to project the voice and how to control the conversation as opposed to having it take on a life of its own. It is a seriously valuable skill and it is the domain of your public relations people to deliver this.

Crisis Management

When everything is running smoothly, sales are happening and profits are booming, it can be easy to see why public relations seems like an unnecessary expense. But anyone who has been in business for any length of time will tell you that where PR really comes into its own is during a crisis. This is something that you should look to cover off with your PR company before you commit to any form of retainer. Are there extra fees involved? Have they coped with a crisis before? If they have, what crisis did they manage? Ask these important questions in advance, because you don’t want to discover when the trouble strikes that the people who are meant to have your back can’t do anything more than write a press release.

Social Media

This is a space that has changed the face of media massively in a very short space of time. It is also one of the best places to interact with the public and to build and grow an online presence and community. It is also a place where it is very easy to tarnish a reputation or ruin a career as a result of a few misguided words or comments. This is another sphere where a good Public Relations agency should come into its own. Managing social accounts, producing clever content and building the brand – make sure that your agency is up to date with the latest best practices in the social media space.





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