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Why Every Office Needs To Invest In Quality Printers

Why Every Office Needs To Invest In Quality Printers

Dependable printing equipment ranks high on the list of office must-haves – especially with all the paper that an office is expected to use during a given business cycle. And as with any step on the road to corporate success, there’s an ever-present temptation to take a shortcut by cutting costs.

The following reasons will prove why every office needs to go out of its way to invest in quality printers.

Because Quality Printers Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Whether the temptation to cost-cut is overcome can make or break a company. But contrary to the prevailing idea, securing a set of reliable printing equipment doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. An office has the option to source pre-owned printers from businesses like for brand name quality at more affordable rates.

There’s a common misconception surrounding used equipment, and it’s that they’re bound to come with defects or problems due to wear and tear. While this might be true when buying from unproven firms, there are some which offer the guarantee of eligibility for maintenance contracts with the equipment’s original manufacturer without any added cost.

Because Every Successful Office Needs Printing

There’s a movement happening across the world to call for an end to paper. The idea is that since we’ve developed the ability to put words on screens, there’s no compelling reason to continue to use outdated methods. But there’s another dimension to the print versus digital debate that keeps firms like JJ Bender in business: the superiority of paper as the medium for information delivery.

While the movement is noble in theory, data suggests a set of reasons why reading from paper is the superior alternative: it puts less of a strain on the mind, affects memory more efficiently, and promotes greater comprehension and recall.

Whether an office applies these findings to their internal memos to ensure that employees never miss a beat, or to their marketing for a stronger emotional register among potential customers, paper looks like the most strategic choice. Logically, it follows that a strong in-house printing setup empowers companies to take advantage of this scientific fact to boost the effectiveness of their operations.

Because Every Business Wants to Streamline

Streamlining is the art of maximizing efficiency. For any given industry, time is money and wasted time means wasted opportunities to reach clients or innovate. What a high-quality printing setup guarantees is that every step of the daily cycle achieves peak results with minimal cost in time or error.

It’s tough to spot a streamlined system when it’s working, but the principle shows its necessity when things go wrong. For printing, machine errors like duplications, jams, and even total breakdowns can throw an office off its rhythm at best–at worst, it can waste an entire day or week’s worth of productivity, depending on how important the printed output would have been and how long it’d take to get everything fixed up.

These simple but massively frustrating woes are completely avoidable with the right investment mindset: spend now, save later. In our case, spend (strategically) on quality office machinery, save on the cost of sourcing independent repairmen or the loss of productivity.

The responsibility of designing an office setup is great, as the limits of what a business can achieve are set by near-invisible decisions and processes. It’s easy to take printing for granted, but ultimately difficult to shoulder the burdens that come with scrimping on vital office tools.

Do yourself and your business a favor: be as wise in choosing your printers as you are in choosing your employees.

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