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Identity cards have become a vital cog in the wheel of every business. In recent times, companies have started using employee ID cards to sell their brand. Gone are the days when an identity card was just a customary item made from paper and worn around the neck or held firmly in the pocket.

These days, identity cards convey a lot of details about the organization, its goals, aims, and objectives. Also, it is practically impossible to set up an efficient security system within an organization without introducing identity cards. The use of identity cards is the only way to separate employees from customers or visitors.

There is no way we would talk about identity cards without having to discuss what lanyards are or asking ourselves the question, ‘what are lanyards?‘. In layman’s terms, a lanyard is something (a cord or strap) that allows us to carry items such as keys and identity cards easily. Usually, lanyards are worn around the neck or around the wrist, and they make it possible for us to move around with identity cards easily without having to break a sweat.

The importance of employee ID cards

Here are a few reasons why it is important for all employees of an organization to have an identity card.

  1. It brings about a sense of belonging

When you work in an organization that so many others are begging for an opportunity to be part of, you will feel proud. In such instances, you will flaunt your identity card at every slight opportunity not because you want to pull down others but because you know how big an achievement it is for you to be a part of the company’s structure.

  1. Improved security

As discussed ab initio, you cannot set up an efficient security system within an organization without introducing identity cards. Employee Identity cards help to reduce the chances of impersonation and theft within an organization because the name of the employee is conspicuously written on it and it has a visible photo printed on it. Employee identity cards help to improve company security by lowering the chances of unauthorized entry into the building.

  1. It promotes a healthy relationship between employees and customers

In the service industry or organizations where customer service is crucial, introducing employee identity card helps the customer to familiarize himself with the person serving him quickly. This is so because the name of the employee can easily be spotted. Identity cards also promote a good working relationship between fellow workers by improving bonding and social interaction.

  1. It improves the image of the brand

When employees display their identity cards at various locations or different places, it has a positive effect on the company’s brand and serves as a marketing strategy. Identity cards also help employees to gain access to places they would ordinarily have been restricted from without an ID card.

  1. It improves accountability

It is not uncommon for employees to write false information on the movement register. However, with an employee identity card, this is not possible. Companies can keep track of the in and out time of every employee by simply assigning a passcode to every card. This means that employees are no longer in control of such records. Hence, they cannot influence it.

  1. It is used for categorizing employees

What companies do these days is to produce identity cards with special features or designs for various units/department within the organization. Some organizations also use lanyards of different colors to differentiate between staff members in various units. By so doing, for instance, it becomes easier to recognize somebody working in the IT unit and differentiate such a person from a staff of another department.

  1. It is easy to sign-up them for discount offers

Every organization is capable of making a deal with other organizations to get exclusive discounts on their products for their employees. For example, meal offers, gym membership offers, movie tickets offers and many more. So, an ID card is a crucial tool to sign up your employees for these offers as this keep the procedure simple and fair.


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