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Why Minor Accidents May Lead to the Need for an Auto Accident Attorney

Why Minor Accidents May Lead to the Need for an Auto Accident Attorney

Being in a fender bender may seem like just enough to rattle you without causing any real injuries. A car follows too closely and fails to slow in time at a stop light. You aren’t even sure what has happened when the car first bumps into you and causes your stopped vehicle to lurch forward. Although you may be thanking your lucky stars that it wasn’t something major, auto accident attorney Kevin Attkisson explains that “Even minor accidents can result in major injuries.”

Not only are you prone to injury from a minor accident, but these injuries can be the most difficult to deal with for weeks or months after the accident occurs. Injuries to the back or those caused by whiplash may become evident hours to days later. They produce no outward signs, making it even more difficult for the accident victim to prove that they were hurt at the time of the accident.

The Role of the Insurance Company

When a person makes an auto accident claim, it is to seek compensation for their medical expenses and the pain and suffering they have experienced since the accident. Since most people do not have the type of money to over their needs, the person’s insurance company is expected to pay.

Not surprisingly, insurance companies have dealt with auto accident claims from injured victims before. They know the types of injuries that the victim is most likely to have suffered and the difficulty in proving them. This knowledge is what they use to try and disprove their claim so they don’t have to pay.

An experienced auto accident attorney is also familiar with these injuries, as well as the tactics that insurance companies commonly use to avoid paying. An attorney will be able to advise you on what steps to take to add validity to your claim and prevent the insurance company from getting out of paying the compensation you deserve. Never let the seeming insignificance of your injuries prevent you from pursuing adequate compensation.

The Issue of a Settlement

Many personal injury claims are settled without going to court. Initially, the insurance company may make an offer to the injured victim with the hope of preventing the lawsuit from continuing. People who deal directly with the insurance company without having an auto accident attorney to represent them will often assume that the initial offer is adequate for their needs. But the insurance company is going to start with a settlement that is lower, again in the hopes of paying less.

Never assume that your injuries are too minor to pursue an auto injury claim. Your medical bills, ongoing treatment and therapy, loss of income, and other expenses may end up being more significant than you imagined. Your auto accident attorney can provide you with an estimate of how much compensation you may be able to get and also tell you what steps to take to prove your injuries regardless of whether they are apparent on the outside.

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