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Why Trend Trading is Ideal for Beginners

Why Trend Trading is Ideal for Beginners

Foreign exchange trading has become a very popular source of income. The introduction of new traders into the market means that forex trading is not likely to slow down. Therefore, competition becomes greater every day, and everyone involved in forex trading needs to get ahead of their game.

That being said, one of the best ways for a beginner to get started is to find a good trading strategy and stick to it, at least until they are well acquainted with the system. However, before you try to find a strategy, it is wise to conduct an analysis of whatever type of forex trading you want to get into. Conducting an analysis will allow you to understand better with what you are dealing with as well as when and how to start trading.

Once you have done your analysis, you can then pick an appropriate strategy. There are quite a number of strategies to pick from, with some being harder than others and are meant for experienced traders. However others like the trend trading strategy are quite easy for beginners to use.

How it works

The trend trading strategy, just like its name, involves trading according to whatever trading method is trending. In this strategy, traders usually find a position along the movements of price cycles, whether upward or downward, according to the direction they are moving. When there is a pre existing trend, finding entry and exit points to buy and sell currencies becomes much easier. This type of trading can happen through .

It is important to be careful however, because just like everything else, trends are not stable and therefore do not last forever. When you pick the trend trading strategy, you will have to decide the kind of trend you will use. There are up trends, in which the market conditions will experience high highs, and similarly low lows.  On the other hand, there are down trends, which are the complete opposite of uptrends. In this market, the trader will experience low highs and low lows as well. In both scenarios, there are hardly any in betweens.

When you are into trend trading, you will have to be aware of occurring events in the forex trading world. The kind of information that you will need can be found in the business segment of the news and in newspapers.  You will have to look out for anything that affects the normal way of day to day trading. Even the slightest change can affect greatly the kind of earnings you will be expecting, so you need to be keen to get the appropriate information.

Being ahead of the game

The success of trend trading greatly depends on being up to date with the market activities. When you are constantly aware of what is happening, you can quickly get out of the trend once it starts declining. Some of the events you will have to follow include: policies on interest rate, new inflations into the economy, changing government policies, national production factors as well as national trade and investment balances.

Every business experiences loss and forex trading is no exception. Trend trading can go through a reversal at any point, because as mentioned earlier, no single trend is permanent. Traders are always trying to find new ways to make the forex trading system more efficient and easy to maneuver, and at the same time, more profitable. It is for this reason that trading trends are always changing. One always needs to be aware of what is happening, so that when such changes start taking place, you can be able to get yourself out in time.

Although it is rare, some events are hardly foreseeable, and so some traders prefer to take protective measures against reversal. Such preventive measures include stop loss. Stop loss involves buying or selling a pre set security order, just in case its price moves above or below a predetermined level.

It is easy to identify a reversal. All you will need to do is identify double tops or double bottoms on a chart. Whenever a reversal happens, the line of the chart trend reaches a point of a short term high or low. Then, when a subsequent movement towards that same direction is done the second time, the trend line fails to overcome the resistance or support level. With all this in mind, you will be well on your way to earning through forex trading.


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