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Why You Still Need Business Cards in 2019

Why You Still Need Business Cards in 2019

It might be tempting to think that in 2019, at the height of social media, we no longer need the humble business card. Nothing, however, can be further from the truth. The business card is still an important part of the modern-day business world. Here are some of the reasons why!

Makes You Memorable – in a Good Way

Exchanging a business card is a nice, casual way to exchange contact information. If someone is interested in contacting you again, they now have an easy way to do so in their own time. There is nothing more awkward than hovering while someone inputs their information into your phone or attempts to find you on LinkedIn. Instead, trust in the simple power of the business card. It is a great, non-committal way to get to know people and open up the possibility for future endeavours.


Your business card might be one of the first pieces of branding a future client or business partner might see from your company. For this reason, it should be smart and have all the details it needs for your business. Is there some special flair about your business? Check out some ideas for unique business cards and see if you can think up something for your own company.

Easy to Buy

Thanks to services that allow you to get cheap printing online, it is very easy to get your hands-on high-quality business cards for a low cost. If you head over to a site like and take a look at the cheap printing services they offer; you’ll see that you can grab enough business cards to last you a number of years. You can even get a custom quote on their website, so if you have specific requirements for the design of your cards you can request it there. It is a good idea to stock up if you are due to go to a conference or an important business meeting as you do not want to run out if you are meeting a lot of people.

Not Everyone Likes Technology

There are still people out there who enjoy the simplicity of the business card. They may have the latest laptop and a smartphone capable of organising all their meetings with a simple voice memo, and yet they still employ an assistant to organise everything for them. If you are going to go into business then you need to be able to adapt yourself to work alongside a vast variety of people. Some of those people will be like our friend here, and they may not appreciate your insistence that you swap LinkedIn details. The answer on your part is simple enough, just hand over your business card with a smile and you may see more communication from them in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why these small rectangles of card are as relevant now as they have ever been. Ready to take on the business world? Have a look to see what fun angle your company has and transform it into the perfect business card to help you make an impact.

The right business card can help you attract new business for you in a way you never thought possible. Don’t doubt its power!




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