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Wikigains Shows How to Find Vouchers to Save on Food

Wikigains Shows How to Find Vouchers to Save on Food

With the rising cost of living, families are always looking for ways to save on food and other items. It is interesting to note that the first ever coupon was released by Coca Cola in 1887 to give customers a free glass of beverage. Wikigains points out that the relationship between coupons and food is centuries old. However, the way people look for coupons has changed a lot lately.

In the past, finding coupons primarily involved hunting for them and cutting them out from the Sunday newspaper. Today, there are a myriad ways in which you can find coupons to save on food and other items. You can find them in coupon sites like Wikigains or have mobile coupons delivered right to your smartphone.

Before that, let’s take a look at how grocery coupons work

Voucher certificates carry a specified value that shoppers can be redeemed at checkout. Most coupons have a certain monetary value. For example, if you have a coupon that offers $1 off dog food, the cashier will give you a discount of $1 on your order.

The biggest responsibility of shoppers is to ensure that they purchase the right item as mentioned in the coupon. All grocery coupons fall into two main categories – manufacturer coupons and store coupons. While they look similar, there are certain differences that may be printed on the coupons.

Here are the main differences between the two, and how you can use them to save on food.

Manufacturer Coupons

This type of coupons is issued by companies that manufacture products found on store shelves. They are treated as cash and can be redeem at the store counter that accepts coupons. The coupons come in different designs, sizes, and amounts. These type of coupons will be accepted through a number of stores but can be redeemed for a specific product only. These coupons usually have the words ‘manufacturer coupon’ printed on the top and they must have usage terms printed clearly. The discount value, limitations, and expiry date should also be mentioned in detail.

Where to find manufacturer coupons

You can find manufacturer coupons in the newspapers, magazines, mailers, manufacturer website, coupon sites, and social media sites like Facebook.

Store Coupons

Alex Papaconstantinou, the founder of Wikigains explains that this type of coupons is issued by particular stores and they can only be redeemed at that store. For example, a shopper that has a Spencer’s grocery coupon can only redeem it at a Spencer’s store. There might be some exceptions when a grocery store accepts coupons by competitors but this is rare.

Stores usually distribute their own vouchers when they wish to promote their own products for a short period. Most of these coupons are issued weekly, but you may also see more coupons during holidays or special events.

Where to find store coupons

Store coupons can be found in Sunday newspapers and in the mid-week mailers. The coupons can also be downloaded from the store website. Some stores also offer online vouchers that can be found in coupons sites like Wikigains. Just visit and type the store name on the top search bar to see if they have any coupons available.




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