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Your Game Plan for Recruiting Employees Overseas

Your Game Plan for Recruiting Employees Overseas

When setting up a business abroad, structuring a global recruiting and selection process is not an easy undertaking. The global expansion of the company will require you to design a finely-tuned recruitment strategy to help you find the very best the industry has to offer. Any global business will tell you that the key to having a competitive edge is having the best employees.

When you go global, it’s very important that you employ the right people – which means getting it right at every step of the recruitment process, from designing the job description, all the way to offering a candidate the position – and keeping them within the company.

In order to find the right people, you must first comply by the rules of the new country. This starts with recruitment marketing, because every country has its own laws governing advertising and marketing, which will also apply to recruitment.

You must ensure that, when advertising for vacancies, that you fully comply with local and national laws around required disclosures, intellectual property rights and user privacy protections. In addition, there may well be new discrimination laws and other quota requirements to comply with. You must also be aware of any questions that might be illegal to ask in applications – as well as in job interviews – regarding candidates, such as marital status or religion.

You may want to look at hiring a local expert – such as a consultant or attorney – to help you manage compliance, and avoid labour disputes while you get to grips with the new country’s rules and regulations, which differ in every county around the world.

And when it comes to attracting the best candidates, you’ll want to do enough research to make sure the salary and benefits you’re offering are competitive at each level, and that the job descriptions and salary are accurate, fair and clearly communicated.

Then there’s the decision of hiring employees locally, or further afield. For any international business, hiring employees locally brings many benefits. Locals know markets better, as well as the culture, which can be important when talking to suppliers and building relationships with new customers.

Hiring locals will mean ensuring everything from the job description to the contract is properly translated, and ensuring there is a translator present throughout the interview process if required. You will also need to navigate between time-zones, and ensure you have the relevant technology and software to conduct interviews via video calls if those required to be included in the interview process live in different countries.

And once the position has been filled, the process isn’t over. Background check laws vary widely across different countries, for example, including when it comes to requiring candidates to disclose any previous criminal convictions they may have.

The most effective step you can take before expanding into new countries is to seek professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances, such as international expansion agency Galvin International, who will offer advice on making your expansion more efficient.




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